American Society and Bullying

More Hyscience Sep 5, 2011, 9:58 pm

Several days ago a twitter friend, @ur4everREagent, asked the twitterverse the question “What is your stand on bullying? Should the school expel the bully or should you remove your kid. What about cyber bullying?”

I, of course, had a flippant response; “That’s an easy question to ask in 140 characters! Answer … not so much!” Her reply was staggering: “I know! Just heard a heartbreaker @ my kids middle school. Dad of 13 year old who killed himself over 2 years of bullying.”

When she first ask the question I thought, now that would be an interesting subject to write about, having become bored with who’ll be the GOP nominee until next year when things start getting interesting, or when a California politician has a stroke of genius and … oohhh, never mind … that’ll never happen! But when she came back with that response, I knew I had to put pen to paper, digitally speaking, allowing my thoughts to crystallize on such a difficult subject.

My initial response was that school officials have become bureaucratic fence sitters, trying to not create controversy by never taking a position on any issue, thereby pushing hard problems like bullying off on everyone else. I still believe that is so, but what to do with the bully, and what if nothing is done by “authorities” … scare quotes on purpose … to stop the bullying?

My friend’s next tweet read “I am really thinking about this since I have a son with Aspergers, who may have 2 w this.” and then “very tough. We need 2 teach them how to defend themselves but we also have to protect them from harm. And what about the bullies?”

The Players

There are basically four players that have influence of one form or another on this problem. Parents are the obvious starting point, but I’ll refer to this group as family. It is the parents that provide a child with the core morals … the sense of right and wrong, imprinted during the the parent’s own upbringing. Parents were suppor

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