More Diabetesaliciousness™ Aug 22, 2011, 3:58 pm

Back from Canada late Saturday night, had a great time and will post about it very soon. Unfortunately, the return home was not so great.

I admitted my mother into the ER last night after calling the ambulance and that’s where I am right now. My mom has a kidney infection & her kidney is severely enlarged w/a blockage and she needs to have it drained with a shunt/stint, ASAP.

Her kidney creatinine/clearance numbers are normal, blood pressure is good and she doesn’t have a fever. They are pumping her full of antibiotics to fight the infection and the procedure will be done sometime today.

She’s resting in the ER (she still doesn’t have a bed) and I’m not doing so great. I’m sitting here trying to respond to work emails and be productive & positive, but that’s not easy.

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