As If Traveling With Diabetes Wasn’t Hard Enough

More A Sweet Life Aug 20, 2011, 3:58 pm

Traveling is always a pain when you have diabetes. Making sure you have everything you need can take up an extra bag – insulin, test strips, glucometer, extra needles etc. Like most people with diabetes, I take all my supplies with me in a carry-on.  It’s uncomfortable and means there’s a fair chance of being harassed by airport security.

I once spent a week in Turkey without a glucometer.  I’d forgotten to pack mine. My hotel didn’t have one and neither did the pharmacy in the town nearby.  Since I was in the middle of nowhere in Turkey and had no good way to communicate my needs, I just gave up. I knew it was irresponsible to have no idea how high my blood sugar was.  I guessed when I bolused and I was lucky that everything turned out okay. (My following A1c was high.)

Since then, I always stress about traveling and the longer the flight the worse it is. I have always found it difficult to manage my blood sugar levels on trips (even when I have a glucometer). The long periods of driving and flying (with very little movement) together with the unfamiliar food usually causes my blood sugar levels to rise. On short flights I don’t eat at all and on very long flights (like the 10-12 hour Tel Aviv – New York flight) I eat very little. I’ve also taken to completely cutting out carbs when in unfamiliar places.

As if all this wasn’t enough I woke up this morning and went to look at the latest news and  found … Read the Rest

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