Desiring Second Best

More Ryan Bruner’s blog Aug 10, 2011, 11:58 am

Have you ever gone into a pizza place and, seeing that the pizza they made is practically perfect, said to the server, “Um, excuse me, but, could you please take this back and make me something a little less appetizing?”

Or how about going to some retailer and asking to see a salesperson who is a little bit rude and less-than-helpful?

Likely not. I think we all tend to want the best. Often, we feel we are entitled to the best. The best service, the best food, the best health care, the best education, the best quality products, etc.

For our children, we often pursue what we see as best for them, or in their best interest. Often parents will make life-changing decisions based on their desire for their kids to get the best possible education so that they can get into the best colleges and end up with the best jobs. For example, parents might buy a house they can’t really afford in a great community that has great schools, rather than in a neighborhood with less-than-best schools, but is more affordable.

While there is nothing wrong with any of this (except, I would argue, the “house they can’t afford” part!), it seems that when it comes to our own spiritual walk, and by extension, the spiritual walks of our children, we end up desiring second best. Or third best. Or perhaps something not really best at all.

And usually we’re happy about this.

I’ve mentioned it before in another post, but too often we get caught up in “what is sinful”, and how we might have “freedom in Christ”, that we accept not pursuing what is BEST for our children. If it isn’t technically a sin, then it is okay. We allow “almost sins” to creep into our lives, or allow actions and activities that fail to draw us closer to God, and perhaps even tear us away from God.

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