Guest Post: Sleep, Perchance to 100 mg/dL?

More Six Until Me. Aug 9, 2011, 12:58 pm

Jessica Phillips guest posted on SUM a few years ago, talking about her first 500 days with diabetes.  (Which prompted me to do the math, and as of today, I’ve lived approximately 9,097 days with type 1.  Weeee?)  And today, she’s back to talk about how her perception of sleep has changed for her since her diagnosis in 2008. Thanks for posting today, Jessica! 

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There has been a topic of debate in my mind recently, and it revolves primarily around sleep and diabetes. Thinking back to my childhood, I fondly remember the arguments I would come up with whenever I was prompted by one of my parents to go to bed. My protests against what I now deem as the most glorious of all activities included: "No, I am not sleepy/tired/ready" or "I am just resting my eyes right now." In futile protest I would also rebuttal with “just one more TV show," or “just five more minutes.” My younger self was so adamant that going to bed was an inconvenience, and I’d keep putting off until it could not be put off any longer.  Sleeping seemed like a chore! Diabetes continually brings these childhood memories to surface and I have to laugh because I wish so badly for the simplicity of those memories from years ago where just going to bed was so easy, and yet I fought against it. Now that I am older, as well as a person with diabetes, I of course wish for an unreachable goal at the end of a long day – to just go to bed.

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