If My Diabetes Had A Voice – Or She Who Lives In A Glass Bitch House Should Not Be Throwing Stones….

More Diabetesaliciousness™ Aug 4, 2011, 5:58 pm

I have a diabetes voice and I’m not afraid to use it – we all know that!

And you all have a diabetes voice, and it’s my hope that you use it for yourself and others.

But right now I wish my diabetes had a voice – Like an audible one that spoke fluent English, so it could tell me what the heck’s going on!

OK, here’s the thing, I haven’t been running high, but I haven’t been running low these past few days either. Instead, I’ve been in the mid 160s & 170s since Monday.

I feel fine, but it’s annoying none the less.

I want my normal numbers back.

I wish diabetes could just tell me straight up what’s going on. And in my head, I imagine that our conversation would go something like this:

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