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After the firing

More Living With Diabetes Jan 1, 1970, 7:00 am

I am home and did some research, and since I have a PPO, I don’t need a primary care physician (I suspected that).  Really all I’ve used one for, is to get sent to a specialist, and frankly I haven’t been happy with the ones this doctor has sent me to.  I do much better by asking my endo, or going to doctor’s my friends go to.  Besides, just about everyone he has sent me to is in Oklahoma, or pretty close.

I have three options, a Primacare that is on the way to and from school and is open in the evenings, a Concentra that has 8-5 office hours, that is closer, and a primary care physician a few blocks away that has evening hours.  The Primacare is the most attractive at this point.  Especially since it’s close to the gym.

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