Coffee Drinkers be Encouraged

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You may not know this about me but I love a good cup of coffee.  Fresh ground coffee beans, filtered water, perfect temperature … and I’m good to go first thing in the morning (with my whole grain cereal).   In the past, I often noted the health benefits of drinking coffee despite the seemingly negative view many health conscious individuals seem to hold.

Well, here’s another benefit:

Women who have at least one cup of coffee — or even five cups — daily may be reducing their risk of stroke by as much as 25 percent, new Swedish research shows.

And women who don’t drink coffee at all may actually be increasing their risk for stroke, the researchers noted.

That seemed clear-cut to me although I’d like to the same research repeated on men (I volunteer as long as I’m not in the control group).   Clear cut, that is, until I read the next sentence:

However, the researchers added, these findings are preliminary and should not cause any change in coffee-drinking habits.

Another set of “preliminary” findings strikes again … never-the-less, I think this does bode for coffee consumers.


  1. GODS_LUV says:

    Coffee Cuts Women’s Stroke Risk Up To 25 Percent: As almost every study warns not to change your habits…

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