Do You Keep a Food Journal?

More Diabetes Daily Aug 26, 2011, 2:58 am

I am on my second week of my Weight Watchers plan and the results are… Good!  I lost 2.6lbs in the first week!  Little things like monitoring how much wine I’m drinking (hey, I’m Italian, I love my wine!), swapping fresh, raw vegetables for nuts, and having fruit for dessert have all helped.

The other, most helpful thing I have noticed about WW is that it is helping me track the food I eat.  As diabetics it is recommended that we keep food journals to help us count our daily carbohydrate intake and to keep a close eye on what we’re eating.  But how many of us really stick to it?  I know that after the first 2 weeks after my diagnosis, I kept religious food journals.  I slowly started to forget to put things down and six years later, I couldn’t tell you what I ate last week if you paid me.  WW has helped me get back into entering the foods I eat into the Points Tracker, which shows me exactly what I have been eating, how much, and how many points it adds up to.  So helpful in my weight loss journey.

I am really starting to see the benefits of writing down my food.  For example, last weekend we threw a baby shower for a good friend of mine.  I ordered some amazing cupcakes from a favorite bakery of ours for the event and we had some left over.  They came home with me and I was tempted to eat one… oh who am I kidding, all 3!  They are really good!  But after reviewing my Points Tracker, I noticed I had already eaten 2 cupcakes in 2 days.  Although I am no dietitian, I don’t think that 3 cupcakes in 3 days is a good way to lose weight… even if you are sticking to your points.  I truly believe that without my Points Tracker, I would have never realized that I would have eaten that 3rd cupcake and for this weeks weigh-in I probably wouldn’t have lost much weight.  To balance out all the cupcake eating, I have been sticking to mostly salads and fruit this week.  It is a fair trade…

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