Update: My Mother The Fighter

More Diabetesaliciousness™ Aug 25, 2011, 6:58 pm

She’s in ICU and in a medically induced coma and on a vent. She is stabilized, severally acidotic and fighting sepsis. Just had a family meeting with all her Doctors and found out that her kidney blockage is congenital. Ironically, her kidney numbers are great and the kidney tube placed in her back is draining her blocked kidney quite nicely. Her heart is working at the same as before she was admitted and we are grateful for that. It’s the sepsis fire in her blood that is the culprit and causing all the turmoil. Each little victory is extremely important & celebrated like a ticker tape parade, and counter act the dips into despair and the fear of the “what ifs,” that seem to follow the good news we receive.

The Doctors say that each day she lives is a step towards recovery, which will be excruciatingly painful and slow. Unlike a tragedy, which could happen incredibly fast and with almost no warning at all.

So we wait in this limbo of sorts, holding our breathes and grateful for each hour that passes by. Every time my cell phone rings my heart skips at least 10 beats, yet I carry it where ever I am, because I am the contact person regarding my mom’s care. … Read the Rest

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