New Charity, Learning About Diabetes, Dedicated to Free Education

More Diabetes Daily Aug 24, 2011, 7:58 pm

There’s a hidden treasure on the Internet for those of you in need of simply written diabetes care information in English, Spanish, and soon other languages as well. Learning About Diabetes is a non-profit charity that provides free, easy-to-understand diabetes self-care information to people with diabetes, diabetes educators, and the general public.

Unfortunately, simply written diabetes care information is often difficult to find. The health care organizations providing most of the available diabetes education aids often include information in their programs for legal, regulatory, or marketing reasons that is not “need to know” information that will help you manage diabetes. The more information you have to read, the more difficult it becomes to understand, and to remember, the important information that will help us take better care of ourselves.

The programs developed by the volunteer writers, artists, literacy specialists, and translators helping Learning About Diabetes, Inc. were all developed in response to requests from people with diabetes and/or diabetes educators. The more than 100 free booklets, handouts, picture stories, comics, and much more on were also all developed with the assistance of diabetes educators who know what people with diabetes need because they work with them every day! There are no committees to complicate the goal of creating simply written messages, no legal, marketing or diabetes product messages in any programs, and no promotions.

The only thing you will find on the web site are innovative, free diabetes care programs you can download anytime to help yourself and oth … Read the Rest

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