What It Means to Climb in Diabetes Cahoots

More A Sweet Life Aug 22, 2011, 7:58 am

I had a special guest when I went climbing last weekend:  friend and fellow ASweetLife contributor, Karmel Allison.  Karmel has family in the area, so she suggested that we get together during one of her trips up north.  We met for lunch at a restaurant that hangs over the Puget Sound and then promptly headed to one of Tacoma’s climbing gyms.  Karmel tolerated my incessant questions (ranging from basic diabetes routines to convincing arguments for getting my doctor to write me a prescription for a pump to cool neighborhoods in San Diego), and I crossed everything off my list as she responded.  You have to take advantage of time with the experts when you get it, right?

Karmel prefaced our outing with statements like, “I’m really not that good,” and “You’ll have to wait for me.”  Here she is, below, being “not that good.”

Ha! The only place I’ll be “waiting” for you is in the car!

Climbing with someone else who has diabetes was a bit of an adjustment for me.  I’m accust

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