PositiveID Completes Phase II Testing Of GlucoChip, a Glucose-Sensing Microchip

More A Sweet Life Aug 18, 2011, 10:58 am

PositiveID announced it has successfully completed Phase II testing of its GlucoChip™, a glucose-sensing microchip for diabetes patients. In Phase II, the Company, in conjunction with its development partner RECEPTORS LLC, created and demonstrated a stable and reproducible, closed-cycle continuous glucose-sensing system. The system consistently functions in the human blood fractions that are relevant to glucose analysis in the human body. The companies have published results from their laboratory testing in a white paper titled, “Development of the Sensing System for an Implantable Glucose Sensor,” available at http://www.positiveidcorp.com/files/ImplantableGlucoseSensorWhitePaper.pdf.

Robert E. Carlson, Ph.D., President and Chief Scientific Officer of Receptors, said, “We have successfully developed the glucose sensing system, which is the mission critical component of the implantable glucose sensor for use by diabetic patients. A combination of Receptors’ experience in both analytical systems development and artificial receptor technology has led to the successful development of this system, which is a significant milestone in the development of GlucoChip. I am especially pleased that we have developed a stable, sensitive and selective glucose-sensing system from all synthetic components, thus avoiding the stability and sensitivity issues that commonly accompany the use of biochemical reagents like enzymes or antibodies.”

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  • Description: PositiveID announced it has successfully completed Phase II testing of its GlucoChip a glucose-sensing microchip for diabetes patients.