Guest Post: Off The Beaten Path With Diabetes

More Diabetesaliciousness™ Aug 15, 2011, 10:58 am

Today kicks of a week of Guest Hosts on Diabetesaliciousness because I’m off to Toronto, Canada where I hope to have a few adventures of my own in one of Notrth America’s most beautiful cities!

Speaking of adventures, today’s Guest Host is Sam Gellman – And he’s quite the Explorer/Adventurer, Photographer & PWD.

Sam is traveling the globe, capturing amazing photos and stories and proving that life is what you make of it – And that life with diabetes can be part of a much grander adventure!

I’ve never met Sam, but I’m certainly inspired by his photos, stories, & his ability to take his diabetes and explore all the world has to offer! And I absolutely know that you’ll be inspired too!


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