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More A Sweet Life Aug 15, 2011, 4:58 am

GS drove the thirty-minute drive to my doctor’s appointment so that I could sidestep stressing about the freeway traffic.  Yet as I sat in the passenger seat, I could feel my anxiety build thinking about the impending appointment.  My neck tightened. My shoulders tightened.  I could feel subtle pressure in my head. That led to nausea.  When I get anxious or stressed I decide to take shallow breaths with no rhythm.  Good strategy, right?  I focused on remembering to breathe and GS rubbed my knee and maneuvered the freeway traffic.


One of the things I love about GS is that he has never asked me a litany of questions about diabetes or celiac disease. Diabetes and celiac disease are integrated into my lifestyle and therefore, something I prefer to talk about only on an as needed basis.   I appreciate that in moments of stress or anxiety with diabetes or celiac he asks one question, “Is there anything I can do to help?”


When I was first diagnosed, one of my biggest fears was that others would define me by these chronic conditions.  I didn’t want people to think of me as “Katie the diabetic” or even worse “Katie the diabetic with celiac”, I just wanted to be me.  Diabetes and celiac disease are only a small part of me.  Yet if I’m having a rough week or month managing either one or both of them, they start to feel like they do define me. This is what I’ve been feeling for several weeks.


For the last six weeks my blood glucose readings have been three to four times the target range.  It began when I decided that I was not comfortable with the gluten-free food offerings at the diabetes training I attended in June.  I left the training early. Although I felt empowered in taking care of my health, I was disappointed about missing out on an opportunity to experience bonding with a community of people with type 1 diabetes.  Little did I realize there was an unexpected tw

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  • Description: For the last two months I have been thinking I will wait to post on the blog when I am feeling better, when diabetes and celiac disease are back to feeling like a small part of me, not the definition of me.