Self-Portrait Saturday #4

More Dorkabetic Aug 13, 2011, 2:58 pm

So what does my self-portrait Saturday initiative have to do with diabetes?  Nothing?  Maybe everything?  Hopefully you fine readers don’t get tired of seeing my face every Saturday.  I suppose, if you think about it, this is the portrait of someone who’s living with Type 1 every day.  Sure, it’s always along for the ride, but it stays pretty quiet most of the time.  I have a great life, and I love the freedom that I have.

For example, the photo below was taken in our Yaris on the way to a performance of Matt’s band in Philadelphia.  If you want to see a real dive, well, that’s where they played–dark, not actually suited to be a music venue but it is anyway.  I left straight from work, so I rocked out my business casual dress with some eyeliner and a funky headband.  Being in a moving vehicle accounts for the blurriness.

A little bit business time, a little bit rock-n-roll.

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