Guest Post: For All the Ladies.

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Carey Potash is one of my favorite writers.  Period.  Not one of my favorite bloggers or one of my favorite diabetes-centric scribes, but just plain one of my favorite writers.  His writing makes me think.  He makes me laugh.  (And he makes me cry while I’m laughing, but I don’t realize it until my cheeks are wet.)  Carey has agreed to write a guest post for me today while I’m traveling, and I’m absolutely honored to have him.
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Several years ago I stumbled upon a blog post that flat-out knocked me on my ass. It was a riveting and terrifying account of a young woman experiencing severe hypoglycemia while at the movie theater. 

I was immediately pulled in emotionally. I couldn’t help but view this as a future window into my son’s life – when he’s in his 20s and I’m not there to protect him when he’s in trouble.

Her vivid and eloquent writing thrust me into the scene as it played out like a diabetes thriller. I was a wreck. I found myself screaming at my computer screen – at the girl working the concession stand – while biting off half of my thumbnail.  “For God’s sake, give her the damn juice! She needs juice!”

The writer’s name escapes me now, but whoever she was, she was a huge influence on me as a blogger. I think her name was Linda something.

Just kidding, Kerri. The blog was Six Until Me and I became an immediate fan. It was right about then that I decided that I too wanted to write about diabetes and share my story as a father of a child with this disease. It’s an honor to be a guest blogger today at Six Until Me.

This one goes out to all the ladies.

The fourth-grade ladies.

Hey, I know you’re a little young to be thinking of marri … Read the Rest

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