Romney to hecklers: ‘It’s my turn to speak’

More Hyscience Aug 11, 2011, 7:58 pm

Tina Korbe writes at Hot Air:

Angry chants of “Wall Street greed” interrupted former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s opening speech at the Iowa State Fair today. During the question-and-answer portion of Romney’s presentation, a couple of left-leaning questioners wanted to know why Romney doesn’t favor raising the payroll tax to shore up Social Security and why he’d be OK with cutting Medicare benefits. Romney responded, but the questioners continued to banter with him at a high volume, prompting the former governor to say, “If you want to speak, you can speak. But right now, it’s my turn.”

Clearly, the questioner is grossly uninformed about the realities of where Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid now stand, and completely misses the most important point of all — no Republican is saying that existing seniors should have their benefits cut, but unless adjustments are made for the timing and amount in the benefits of future retirees – the government will completely run out of money to pay them anything at all without raising the taxes of every American to the 50% mark.

As Tina goes on to point out in her piece, Romney was right to say eliminating the payroll tax cap would, in fact, amount to a tax increase. It’s a good thing that the questioners are concerned about Social Security reform but rather than suggest the tired solution of forcing some to explicitly pay more than they’ll even have hope of receiving in benefits, they should consider other potential solutions – such as those proposed in this excellent “Guide to Fixing

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