Different People With a Common Pain.

More Six Until Me. Aug 8, 2011, 1:58 pm

Over the weekend, in the ridiculous downpour, I headed up to Clara Barton Camp to hear Dar Williams sing.  Dar is on a summer camp tour, and she ended her stint by singing to a group of girls whose pancreases (pancrei) have gone on hiatus.

Dar doesn’t have diabetes.  And when I spoke with her after she performed, she told me that she was moved by the campers at Clara Barton, getting to know what type 1 diabetes is all about.  "They have an energy that’s just unparalleled." 

Snapping pics with the lovely Dar Williams
(and thanks to Julia R. for offering to camera-wrangle!)

I’m not that familiar with Dar’s music (though she has a lovely voice), but she was engaging and sweet and her talent is obvious.  She played a few songs in that old CBC barn, and had everyone laughing and singing, and when she asked for requests, a group of CBC staffers raised their voices together from the back:

"Family!  Family!!"

Dar smiled (after cupping her hand to her ear and saying, "Emily?  What?  Ooh, FAMILY!"), and the room quieted down as she began to strum her guitar.

I’ve never heard the song before.  Dar told us that it was written by a friend, about anot

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