8 Things you probably shouldn’t say to a Diabetic: A toast to Wendell Fowler!

More Diabetes Daily Aug 8, 2011, 1:58 am

Things you probably shouldn’t say to a Diabetic as risk of bodily harm or more likely being yelled at/flipped the bird. Consider yourself warned:

1)      You can’t eat that! You’re Diabetic!

2)      You had a low—so you’re a brittle Diabetic.

3)      I knew someone who was Diabetic. They died.

4)      Does your pee ever smell funny? I hear that happens.

5)      You can go blind you know.

6)      That’s caused by obesity you know.

7)      What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

8)      You’re being a jerk. You must be low.

During the past few weeks, the Diabetes Online Community erupted in technological furor over an article written by columnist Wendell Fowler in the Southside Times titled “Pandering to Diabetics.” The article extolled some rather egregious misinformation that showed a complete lack of understanding of the multi-faceted Diabetes. At one point, he argued that an ice-cream social for young adult Type One Diabetics hosted by a non-profit organization was pandering to Diabetics, and encouraging increased numbers with the disease. Pardon me? Chronic autoimmune disease anyone?

I’m sure Mr. Fowler had no idea the intensity of flames he was stoking: God help you if you mess with a pack of sugar smackin’ insulin packers is all I have to say about the plight of Mr. Fowler.

In the collective outcry to Fowler’s diatribe, I wanted to jump in like a wrestler diving in off the ropes, “Give ‘em the sleeper hold!” chanting through my brain. I launched my carcass at the computer screen like a demon had poked at my pancreas. I ranted at my boyfriend, we’ll call him Count Chocula, until self-imposed laryngitis of the cuckoo-cachoo variety finally pushed me into silence. Count Chocula took a well-deserved reprieve from my ranting and brought me some Moose Tracks ice cream to appease the Diabetic outrage coursing through my bloodstream.

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