TSA Confiscates A Pregnant Woman With Diabetes Insulin! People With Chronic Illnesses Need Protection From TSA!

More Diabetesaliciousness™ Aug 5, 2011, 6:58 pm

So once again, a light and airy Friday post is out of the question, and you have TSA @ Denver International Airport to thank for that.
As if people with diabetes and other chronic conditions & illnesses don’t have enough to worry about while travelling and dealing with TSA Security, you can now add having your life saving bottle of insulin being confiscated!

Seems like the TSA Screeners at Denver International Airport thought it was OK to confiscate (and not inform,) a pregnant PWD/M2BWD (Person With Diabetes/ Mom To Be With Diabetes) insulin.
The woman (who’s afraid to give her name for obvious reasons,) was travelling alone to Phoenix from Denver to attend a Baby Shower being held for her and her unborn child.

While the TSA Screener informed her that she was indeed a risk for explosives due to the insulin & ice packs she was carrying in her lunch bag, he neglected to inform her that he actually took her insulin. Don’t even get me started on how grossly negligent, not to mention deadly that is. Or how expensive insulin is and how her insurance company ( if she’s lucky enough to have it,) won’t reimburse her because she’s not due to get a refill for 30, 60, and or 90 days!
You can read more about this story, TSA’s lame statement and watch the Denver 7News video of this outrageous story by clicking HERE. … Read the Rest

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