Sam Talbot: Putting Life First.

More Six Until Me. Aug 5, 2011, 12:58 pm

Sam Talbot is a talented chef, scoring high ranks as "Fan Favorite" on Top Chef.  My mother-in-law thinks he’s handsome (and she’s not alone – ask half of the ladies at FFL!).  And he is "one of us," living with type 1 diabetes since he was twelve years old.  

Recently, Sam joined the LifeScan crew as one of their celebrity spokespeople for the "Life First" campaign, joining fellow PWD Crystal Bowersox and B.B. King.  And yesterday, he took some time from his very busy AADE schedule to take my phone call to talk about his LifeScan partnership, food, diabetes, and … Tank?
*   *   *

Kerri:  Hi, Sam!  Nice to talk with you again.  We actually met at the Friends for Life conference a few weeks ago, during the Adults with Type 1 Reception.  I was with the girl who has the diabetes service dog.

Sam Talbot:  Hello, again! I was talking about that dog yesterday.  Such a cool dog.  They have a diabetes service dog here at AADE; it gave me a sniff but must have decided I was okay, because it left me alone after that.

Kerri:  So to jump right in with my questions, I’ll start with this:  What made you decide that LifeScan was the right partner for you … and do they ask you to coo … Read the Rest

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