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More Hyscience Aug 5, 2011, 12:58 pm

Following an address last week at a “Save Our Schools” march in Washington at the behest of his mother, a professor of early childhood education, the liberal box-office star Matt Damon embarked on a rant … attacking standardized tests, praised all the public school teachers who “empowered” him and unlocked his creative potential by rejecting what he called “silly drill and kill nonsense.” Speaking on behalf of what he referred to as “an army of regular people,” he decried the demoralization of teachers by ruthless, results-oriented free marketeers whom he mocked as “simple-minded.”

However, Damon has it all wrong. It’s not results-minded free marketeers that are being “simple-minded,” it’s liberals like Damon who put emotion over logic and progressive fantasy over practical reality.

As Michelle Malkin aptly points out, Damon is “a walking, talking public service reminder to immunize your children early and often against La-La-Land disease”:

In Damon’s world, all public school teachers are selfless angels. Government workers and Hollywood entertainers are impervious to economic incentives. And anyone who disagrees is a know-nothing, “corporate reformer” ingrate who hates education.

Then goes on to scold Damon for his lack of any real-world understanding of the deterioration of core curricular learning in America.

[...] What Damon’s superficial tirade lacked, however, was any real-world understanding of the deterioration of core curricular learning in America. Students can’t master simple division or fractions because today’s teachers — churned out through lowest common denominator grad schools and shielded from competition — have barely mastered those skills themselves. Un-educators have abandoned “drill and kill” computation for multicultural claptrap and fuzzy math, traded in grammar fundamentals for “creative spelli

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