Medtronic – There’s an app for that

More Diabetes Daily Aug 5, 2011, 1:58 am

I saw an exciting announcement from a friend on Twitter today who works at Medtronic. She’s the one in the orange boa in this picture from Friends for Life.

Medtronic now has a FREE app to help you manage your life with diabetes (there are resources for both pumping and CGM usage).

Disclosure: I use a MiniMed pump. A rep from Medtronic let me know about the app but in no way suggested I blog about it or anything like that. I checked it out, thought it looked good, and thought my MiniMed friends might be interested.

You can see the icon here on my diabetes app page.

The home page has a link to your previous orders, the helpful tools, the reminders, and travel tips. More on that below.

You can look up previous orders and repeat that order directly from your iDevice. I would love to see a way to make payments integrated into the myStore area as well. I think my Medtronic bills are the only bills I don’t pay online at this point.

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