Count down & Kindle news

More LifeAfterDx–CGM Chronicles Aug 3, 2011, 12:58 am

Well this is new. The email says I’m a winner. But I have to wait a month to find out how big a winner.

Oh. Don’t get me wrong. There’s no money involved.


No, like most things you win for writing, this is about status.

So… drum roll… I’m a winner of a Reader’s Choice Award. Yeppers, Beyond Fingersticks is continuing its mini-sweep of book award contests, now taking it’s fourth prize. But this one has a twist. Unlike many contests, a month out from the award announcement, a “short list” is announced. From this short list, which has four books in the Health/Medical Category, the Gold, Silver, Bronze, and… well… the one left over… will be chosen.

But I won’t know where the chips fall until September 1st. Maybe I’ll win the gold seal. Or maybe the… you know… the one left over. But I gotta wait a whole frickin’ month to find out.


I don’t know if I ever mentioned it, but waiting is not my strong point.

Oh! Oh! Before I forget to tell you, Fingersticks is now a Kindle. Yep, the fine folks at ShareCare converted it to a Kindle for me. And what a job it turned out to be. There’s art work and graphs, and photos, and all kinds of stuff that eBooks really don’t deal well with. It took them many months, but the Kindle version rocks. There’s something appropriate about having a book on a subject as high-tech as C … Read the Rest

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