Keyword Craziness

More Dorkabetic Aug 1, 2011, 11:58 pm

Everyone loves a good post on silly keyword searches on your blog, right?  While mine are not as wacky as Kerri’s or Allison’s or some other folks’, I think these were some gems worth sharing:

Dorkabetic:  Sure, it seems pretty obvious, but come on, it makes me say, “You like me!  You really like me!”

Bleeding madras washed:  So apparently, a lot of madras plaids are actually (or have been) known as “bleeding madras”, I guess because the way they are woven and then washed, the colors bleed into the whiter parts of the fabric.  At least, that is the gist I’ve gleaned from this little essay from Lands’ End, who I’m pretty sure sell nothing short of a shit-ton of madras plaids.  However, there’s this one time I just happened to be wearing a madras plaid, and then I bled all over myself, so I guess now I’m showing up in someone’s search results.

Bridge Camden Philadelphia:  I have a poem in which I mention the Ben Franklin Bridge, but I’ve never posted it here.  I’ve taken a few trips from Philly into New Jersey and back.  I have no idea why this brought someone to my blog.  None.  Also, I’ve heard that NJ now charges you $5 to get out of the state.  Seriously, you never have to pay a bridge toll going into New Jersey, but now they are charging you $5 a trip to get out, regardless of whether you are on the Ben Franklin, the Walt Whitman or the Delaware Memorial bridges.  Sheesh!  I am not going to stay, NJ!  I will scrape up the five bucks!

Getting a dorks attention:  Oooohhh, this one is my favorite.  Here are some tips.  First, maybe send me an email, … Read the Rest

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