Last-Minute, ‘Just In Case’ Measures Always Pay Off

More A Sweet Life Jul 31, 2011, 10:58 pm

As I packed my backpack before the long, hard hike I took yesterday, I found myself downplaying my needs.  I should preface that statement by saying that I really didn’t know it was going to be a long, hard hike.  I do go hiking sometimes and I certainly grew up going hiking at least once a month or so with my family back home, so I have plenty of experience doing the physical sport of hiking.  People up here in the Pacific Northwest, though–they don’t mess around.  If you’re going to hike around here, it’s all about how much altitude you’re going to gain and how many miles you’re going to cover and how many mountains you’ll be able to see from the summit.  We don’t really have that in Ohio.


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My friend, Darel, who invited me on the hike, had told me repeatedly in the emails to bring lots of water because there were long stretches of the trail that were exposed to the sun.  I thought, “I don’t really get thirsty when I’m exercising.  I probably don’t need that much water.”  I only own two large water bottles and I wasn’t excited about carrying that much weight in my pack.  ”Well, I guess I can leave one bottle in the car if I don’t carry it up.  I better take both just in case,” I finally decided.  Darel also said to bring a lunch to enjoy from the top, while surveying the four mountains we’d have in view.  I had packed a simple lunch

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