SUM Search Terms: The One About Baby Ninja Beans.

More Six Until Me. Jul 29, 2011, 12:58 pm

The search terms that bring people to my blog continue to amaze me in their diversity and weirdness.  So much that I wanted to give a quick recap of the strange searches bringing people to SUM this week:

Does Muro 128 affect your sense of smell? – Wow.  Muro 128 is my favorite old lady drug of choice these days, thanks to the cornea chaos.  But no, it hasn’t affected my sense of smell.  It has affected my ability to look sexy in the morning.

clara barton camp PICTURES OF THE DANCES - OMG ALL CAPS I KNOW!!  When I was a camper at Clara Barton, the dances with the Joslin Camp were among the highlights of the sessions, because where else in your early teens could you sneak a smooch with a BOY without your MOM spying on you?  ALL CAPS?

onetouch ping actual size – Actual size?  It’s the size of an insulin pump.

store insulin pump in bra – Sounds like someone searching for disco boobs to me

thank you greeting warm hospitality kittens
- I have no idea what this person was searching for, but in my mind, it’s adorable.  Hospitality kittens sound like they’d always have cinnamon buns at the ready, and they’d have a nice, sunny spot near the window prepared for you to take a nap.  Ahh … hospitality kittens.

things a diabetic dreams of – Ice cream?  Bacon?  Cupcakes?  Giving a presentation at school and realizing you’re only in your und

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