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More Diabetes Daily Jul 28, 2011, 2:58 pm

I had an appointment with my endocrinologist this week. When I got there I posted what Karen described on Twitter as one of the best #waitingwithdiabetes pictures we’ve seen.


I tend to agree. How many of you have a piano in your doctor’s waiting room? Exactly!  

Overall the appointment went well. My endocrinologist is a good fit for my needs. My A1c came back at about the same level as my last one and my blood pressure and weight are still good. I am waiting on the rest of the lab work that was ordered after my appointment (two vials and a cup as I described to Kerri ).

The endo asked me if I was still doing the “blogging thing” and I told her about my upcoming trip to San Diego. She reminded me that the DexCom headquarters are there and suggested I should try to see if I could get a tour!

Speaking of DexCom, due to the unfortunate incident from last Friday, I could not bring my DexCom for any reports. She was still able to download my pump – what’s that saying about losing things that aren’t attached?!

Side note: An angel in the online community is sending me their old receiver and will not accept anything in return. Isn’t that amazing?! Delta can’t provide adequate customer service but the diabetes online community can! I love it!

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