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Kids and adults who eat candy tend to be …. thinner?  How can that be?

The American diet – not good.  But, as it turns out, American’s are not having a problem with portion control.  Instead, we’re eating too many portions (snacks).

Coffee, known for great health benefits, protects the brain from Alzheimer’s

Diet soda – not good for dieters (or anyone else)

Recent studies confirm that it is probably best to say no to the “potato” and that that the french fry is worse than the cigarette.

Adult stem cells appear to show the most promise for diabetes treatment

My Top Reasons for Eating Breakfast – and why you should too


  1. Christine Michael says:

    Very good round-up post! The study about children who eat sweets (what we over here call candy) being less overweight than those who don’t is particularly baffling as it raises more questions than it answers. It was part sponsored by the National Confectionery Association I believe – not that that implies there is anything wrong with it. I think it also says that the diets of the children surveyed overall were very poor. So all in all I don’t think it tells us anything very useful or helpful.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for the insight into the article about candy, kids and being overweight. This illustrates why medical literature is often contradicted w/in just a few years.

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