Alzheimer’s Disease may actually begin in the liver – not the brain

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Although the actual cause of Alzheimer’s Disease continues to escape medical researchers, experts to associated plaques and “tangles” in the brain with the onset of this chronic and debilitating illness.

But where to the plaques come from and what trigger’s their build-up?  I found this article interesting, if not mind-blowing:

A new study has suggested that the plaques associated with Alzheimer’s disease start in the liver and not in the brain—completely altering scientists’ ideas about the disease.

The unexpected results could now potentially simplify the nature of Alzheimer’s prevention and treatment strategies.

Researchers from the Scripps Research Institute and ModGene, L.L.C., used a mouse model for Alzheimer’s disease to identify genes that influence the amount of amyloid that accumulates in the brain.

In other words, a substance has been found that leads to brain plaque, which is associated with Alzheimer’s.  The source of the plaque appears to be in the liver, not the brain.  As a result, the substance potentially could be blocked ….  If the link is ultimately established, a potential treatment has been identified which lowers the production of beta amyloid in neuroblastoma cells.

Recent reports discussed prophylactic use of drugs rather than treatment of therapies of those already suffering from dementia.


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