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It is often in the darkest skies that we see the brightest stars.
……………R … more

71 Low Carb Snacks (pdf)Diabetes In Control Dec 20, 2013, 9:58 pm
71 Low Carb Snacks (pdf)

To help get your patients through the last few days of this year, here’ … more

For persons with type 2 diabetes and chronic periodontitis, nonsurgical periodontal treatment did no … more

A new guideline for the management of high blood pressure, developed by an expert panel and containi … more

Diet Doc’s weight loss programs now include education and counseling that assists dieters in unde … more

It’s “administration by ‘blog post’”!

On December 19, 2013, Avik Roy spoke to Megyn Kelly on the … more

So First off: I’ve decided to extend Thursday’s StripSafely giveaway until Monday because it’s only … more

‘Tis the season for holiday cookies and we all know how hard it is to resist the carb-laden, sugar … more

At the same hour the Senate bill passed, Phil Robertson’s We Stand With Phil facebook page hit 1.2 m … more

Inland Temporary Homes (ITH) helps families with short-term housing while working on getting more … more

In a new study, scientists document a connection between congenital arrhythmia and the bodies’ abili … more

A high-fat diet affects the molecular mechanism controlling the internal body clock that regulates m … more

A4M’s 21st Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine was held at t … more

Turns out Americans ren’t as stupid as the Obama administration thinks they are.

Via CBS News:Ske … more

Today’s dabetesalicious giveaways are in the form of 5 StripSafely lapel pins.FYI: I have one of the … more

About 10 days after Bisi started on the pump, the four of us joined my mom for a week in Tuscany. We … more

Taxing sugar-sweetened beverages is likely to decrease consumption in the United States, resulting i … more

Dahn Yoga & Health Centers, Inc., a national leader in health and wellness, suggests helpful exer … more

Largest US Medical ID company brings fun and functional product line to enhance options of medica … more

Title: Typical Gum Disease Treatments Won’t Help Ease Diabetes, Study FindsCategory: Health NewsCrea … more

New research has added to the debate about how our bodies respond to artificial sweeteners and wheth … more

Heart disease is linked with decreased brain function in older postmenopausal women. Women who have … more

Sustaining a modest weight loss for 2 years in overweight or obese, middle-aged women may reduce ris … more

Bawell Water Ionizers featured in this Christmas sale produce the same alkaline water documented … more

On December 13, 2008, global warming hoaxster Al Gore told an audience in Germany that the ice cap a … more

Two researchers have been awarded U.S. Patent No. 8,598,150 for use of an antioxidant compound that … more

Yet another unpleasant consequence of Obamacare, and proof that, as is so often the case … the f … more

Today’s giveaway is all about cuteness times FIVE in the form of 5 Lenny The Lion giveaways!!Disclos … more

My secret Santa sister popped in yesterday with a gift for me and the siblings! Kid Snippets (the c … more

Do you ever get caught in the dilemma: Hot or Iced?That used to be one of my nonsensical problems. B … more

The Long Island law firm of Rudolph F. X. Migliore has announced that the firm is investigating c … more

HealthSciences CCP Health Coaching Certification for Health Care Professionals Included(PRWeb Dec … more

Continuing Education Company has announced its expert faculty for the 2nd Annual Essentials in Pr … more

A recent gift of $10,000 from the retail giant allowed the employees to purchase blanket material … more

Via TPN: Conservative talk radio host and contributor at TheBlaze, Dana Loesch, appeared on Hannity … more

According to a year-end poll released Dec. 17 by the Washington Post and ABC, more Americans trust t … more

Dental Sleep Medicine Education Company Sleep Group Solutions congratulates Respire Medical on th … more

Full disclosure, I was given the Lifescan ONETouch VerioSync and test strips to review fre … more

It’s even worse than that of George W. Bush and the conservatives.

Via The Washington Examiner:Foll … more

At the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. First Lady Michelle Obama reads “The N … more

I’m calling this today’s must-read (although it’s from Aug 2012) … it’s Breitbart News’ “Big Mento … more

We inherit our genes from our parents at birth. Later in life the genetic material can be changed by … more

So I was spending some time on Etsy (OK, I was spending a couple of hours on Etsy, because lets face … more

Treatment with the diabetes drug metformin appears to be associated with a modest reduction in body … more

Health News Wires reveals how small changes in diet and exercise significantly influence weight l … more

I hate diabetes. I hate it! Diabetes sucks. It’s hard. I can’t be perfect.Sound familiar? Allow me t … more

Xtalks presents a new and informative Oncology webinar that will examine the prod and cons of the … more

Estenda Solutions, Inc. recently received the results of its Customer Satisfaction Survey, findin … more

Title: Diabetes Drugs Affect Hearts of Men, Women DifferentlyCategory: Health NewsCreated: 12/16/201 … more

Title: Health Tip: How Diabetes Affects Oral HealthCategory: Health NewsCreated: 12/16/2013 7:35:00 … more

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