A Diet Soda Free Life

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My Life without diet coke is still sweet

A few days ago a mentioned my one remaining nutritional vice. To be more accurate I should have said diet soda is/was my biggest vice. I’m now on day three w/out the aspartame laden beverage and not yet enjoying life w/out it.  However, I am noticing a number of positives:

First, I’m saving the cost of several diet cokes including expensive impulse purchases at the check-out counter.

Second, it may be my imagination, but I simply don’t seem to be as hungry through-out the day.

Third, although I’ve replaced diet drinks with water, I’m not nearly as thirsty.

There’s nothing scientific about what I’ve written – it’s my anecdotal experience that began when two credible studies were reported that pointed out unintended physiological consequences of drinking diet softdrinks (and other products using aspartame).

I’m not sure I will remain diet soda free for life but want to give my current lifestyle change a couple of weeks.

As always, thanks for reading.


  1. Christine Michael says:

    Hi, your post made me smile – and good for you if you’re enjoying a diet soda free life. But I’m not sure you need to go that far .. the studies you refer to haven’t said there is a causal effect between artificially sweetened drinks and weight gain, just an association. The Harvard School of Public Health did a very useful comparison of sugary vs sugar free drinks and concluded ‘steer clear of sugary ones and go easy on artificially sweetened ones’. That seems sensible to me as I do like a Pepsi Max now and again

  2. charity onore says:

    Hello there,
    Good for you! I think it’s wonderful that you share your one on one experiences with us. I am a diabetic & I have been studying the deletrious effects of carbonated drinks, Splenda, Aspartame & other sweetners we may not recognize as such because it is prefaced with a mineral or common “food stuff”. I have removed most of the aspartame in my diet. It’s almost impossible with it being included in just about everything “diet” & otherwise. What muddles my mind- if all of the artificial sweetners are up to 600 times sweeter than sugar, why do some products contain 3 or 4 different sweetners- (natural & artificial) in a single product? It seems ludicrous and counter intuitive to me. But I digress. I have discovered (from research) the negative effects of some carbonated sodas are due to the “cola” (your type of diet drink previously used) in these drinks. I have been drinking “only 7up” for over 10 yrs, as long as I have been a diabetic, because of the “diet cola controversy”. I am still not truly comfortable with other diet sodas, carbonation, & other artificial sweetners. I know carbonation does exacerbate certain of my health problems. In my case, it also provides a remedy for another current health problem, so I’m stuck between a rock & a hard place for now. In my mind I believe all artificial sweetners are deleterious in nature. If our bodies cannot digest these products then they will overwork our bodies trying to do so. I don’t think our organs have a memory that disregards “repeated offenses”, it just probably works the harder to do its job based on the inefficacy of the prior performance. In addition to overworking our organs & other parts of our bodies,these products are sold & used as “food stuff” due to serendipity instead of an “industrialized chemical” for which it was initially created, as my research has shown. So in effect the same rules do not apply as to amounts to be consumed or usage of pertinent label warnings. As far as sanctions given by FDA & the like, filing a report with a federal agency is not an “all clear” measure which is why there are so many independent research projects about everything from the air we breathe to the health of our planet. Only time & diligence may uncover the health anomalies these & other products create especially in/for our progeny. Keep up your good work!

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