Three Approaches to Eating with Diabetes

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I saw this article cited in an editorial suggesting that the American Diabetes Association may be changing its stand on carbohydrates.  Note that the ADA has been relatively stand-off-ish regarding lower carb diets.

Here are the three diets that appeared the the Diabetes Forecast:

Low-Carb Diet:  less than 10% Carbohydrates

Moderate-Carb Diet:  40-50% Carbohydrates

Vegan/High-Carb Diet:  75% Carbohydrates

I didn’t see any particular recommendation, just that three “styles” of diet listed so I’m not sure this is evidence for a coming change/shift in ADA recommendations.

That said, I know which of the three has worked best for me and enabled significant weight-loss (I’ll detail in a coming post).

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